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Why Are Cross-Overs Dominating the Car Market?
Compact Utility Vehicles (CUVs) are the cars of the future! Or are they? Believe it or not, the concept of the crossover isn’t a new one at all. Crossovers are vehicles that resemble SUVs, but tend to be smaller, more fuel-efficient
and more affordable. We’ll be answering all your CUV questions and more.
Why are they suddenly so popular?
Crossovers boast a higher driving position than most hatchbacks or sedans, but they don’t come with the ridiculous price tag of some SUVs. That, paired with the fact that they’re also eco-friendlier, makes for a combination that suits most people who travel in suburban areas. Most people want a car that can do more for less. Off-roading enthusiasts who travel half the year definitely won’t be doing so in a Polo Vivo. If you don’t fit into this group and you’re more of a part-time traveler, you need something fuel-efficient that can comfortably take you to and from work, but also be big enough that you can go on the occasional camping trip. That’s where the crossover shines. Most crossovers don’t boast impeccable performance, but they get the job done and leave you with money to spare.
Are they really that unique?
Not at all. Modern-day crossovers have all of the perks (and then some) of 80s and 90s model sedans. Thanks to their higher seating position, they’re much easier to get in and out of, which is a definite plus for people who take long-term needs into consideration. You won’t be having fun getting in and out of a VW Scirocco if you have bad knees.
Station wagons were the ultimate family cars from the 60s to the 80s, but they eventually made way for minivans. Many crossovers like the REF or the REF offer the same roomy feel as station wagons, without being a minivan (no offence!).
Why not just buy an SUV?
Its not surprise that SUVs are pricey. Not only in terms of cost but also maintenance and mileage. Many people would prefer buying a newer, more affordable crossover than pay double for an SUV. If you buy a second hand crossover that’s less than three years old, you’ll still be paying much less than an SUV of the same age or mileage.
What’s the future for CUVs?
We think they might be here for quite a while. Like hatchbacks replacing sedans, the crossover seems to be on a take-over.